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Unlike most other flowering plants which propagate through seeds, rose plants are usually grown from cuttings . However, not all rose cuttings will grow into rose plants.  By selecting the rose cuttings properly and using certain techniques, the chances of  rose propagation are much higher.


Older varieties of  roses are more suitable for growing using cuttings. Most gardeners prefer to take cuttings taken during autumn, winter when the weather is cooler. The cutting should be taken from the stem on which a rose has bloomed recently.  The dried rose should be trimmed off. The length of  the stem should be between 6 to 8 inches long . It should have a few green leaves, so that photosynthesis can be carried out.


After the stem has been cut, care should be taken to ensure that it does not dry out or be exposed to very low temperatures. The sooner the cutting is planted in the soil, the more likely it is to bear roots.  By dipping the stem in a rooting solution, the stem may grow more roots faster as the rooting solution contains growth hormones. Some gardeners prefer to dip the stem in willow water.  The stems should be planted in an area with adequate lighting and  develop roots within a few weeks. They can then be transplanted to a permanent location.

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