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In addition to being widely used by florists and others for decor for religious, festive occasions, in flower bouquets,on birthdays, parties, funerals, for those who are ill, roses are also used for a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications. Roses are some of the most popular flowers for gifting purposes, especially on romantic occassions. On Valentine day the prices of roses are increasing due to increase in demand in western countries and locally. The roses are sold with a long stem, though some florist will remove the thorns.There are roses of different colours available, however darker colours like red, pink are more easily available. White and yellow roses are also available, while blue roses are fairly expensive. Prices of roses in panaji are Rs 10 per rose, in Mumbai, some retailers are charging Rs 5 per rose.

The rose flower and petals can be dried and used for a potpourri, which is added to soap, essential oils and other decor items. Unlike other flowers, rose petals can be easily dried and preserved for a long period of time, without adding any chemical . Pink rose buds are easy to dry and preserve.

Gulkand is a product made from rose petals which are preserved using sugar. It is supposed to be a remedy for a number of health problems.However in some cases, the sugar level is very high, so it is not suitable for patients with diabetes

Divya Pharmacy associated with Patanjali is selling Gulkand in 400 g pack, costing Rs 52,december 2017. They recommend that one or two spoons of the gulkand should be eaten with milk or as recommended by the doctor. They have warned that patients with diabetes should not consume gulkand. Expiry date : November 2020.

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