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Roses are one of  the most popular flowers and have been cultivated for thousands of years. A rose plant is a usually a  flowering shrub or climber, which sometimes grows up to 5 m long, especially as a creeper. The shrub usually flowers when it is less than a metre tall.. All the hundred or more wild roses are found in the Northern Hemisphere, usually in temperate climates .


The rose plants have serrated leaflets . There are some prickles on the stems of the rose plant, which are usually called "thorns". Gardeners have to handle rose plants and flowers carefully because of  these thorns. These prickles arise from the outer layer of  the stem and are usually hook shaped. They help the rose plant hang on to other plants as the creeper grows.


The rose fruit is berry like, is called a rose hip and red in colour. Most wild roses have only five petals and can be pollinated by bees and other insects. Domestically cultivated roses have a number of  closely packed petals, so cannot be pollinated  and usually do not produce fruits. Most of these roses are propagated using plant cuttings.


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