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There are a number of sources or rose plants depending on where a person is living and the amount the person is willing to spend:
In a large metro city like Mumbai, there are a number of hand carts and other sellers who carry rose and other plants in a small crate and move from one place to another. These sellers are selling the plants at a low rate, usually less than Rs 50 per plant. However the polybag supplied is usually small. However the rose plant is likely to be damaged if transported by air, so about 50% of the plants will die.

There are a few sellers of rose plants in small towns. However the prices of these plants are usually higher at at least Rs 100 per plant. The main advantage of purchasing from the sellers is that the pot or grow bag which is supplied is usually larger . However the soil used does not retain water, and all the water is getting evaporated in April, so the plant is wilting.Earlier handcart sellers were roaming in panaji selling rose and other plants, now they have been banned. The plant sellers are keeping only a limited number of plants in stock, so the rose plant buyer has to visit the seller repeatedly to find a suitable plant .

The third option for purchasing a plant, is by ordering online from websites like Nurserylive, Plantsguru. However these websites are charging atleast Rs 199 per rose plant, with shipping of Rs 79 extra for each order. Nurserylive has wisely offered discounted rates for bulk purchases of five or more plants, which other websites are not offering to reduce the cost of processing the order. This is the most convenient option for those who do not have the time to search for a plant seller.

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