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Though almost all varieties of  roses are brightly colored and have a pleasant smell, many varieties of  roses have been developed for specific applications over the last century.


Hybrid tea roses are the large roses which grow on a single stem and popular for gifting and home decor.  Most florists stock these roses. They are often displayed at rose shows and have large blossoms


Floribunda roses  have large blossoms, but grow in clusters with many roses on a single stem. They are easier to grow compared to hybrid tea roses. Floribunda roses are often planted on the border of  gardens.


Miniature, shrub or button rose - these roses has small blooms and the leaves are also small. Dark pink is a common colour. These plants are resistant to diseases, grow in almost all climates , do not require much pruning or attention from the gardener.


Climbing roses:  A variety of  climbing roses are available, which can grow on the wall, fence, trellis or any other support. They bloom repeatedly and do not need to be pruned often.

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